What a difference 2 days can make! Huda's Voice

Wow! What a difference 2 days of training can make! Funnily enough, unlike Ahmeda and Isaac, I was not surprised about the number of participants who made it to the training. I actually  expected more. Irrespective of that, the turnout was great! We had a total of 13 participants, and we only need 10 Fellows […]

The 2013 VOICES VTI Fellowship Begins!

Here at VOICES we just ended the first session of our VOICES Training Institute (VTI) which started on Wednesday 3rd to Thursday 4th July 2013. I had the opportunity to facilitate my first VTI session. I was inspired by the different talents embedded in the individual participants who attended the institute this year. There were […]

My scouting experience

I am the community engagement coordinator and also handling some accounting and administrative functions for VOICES Ghana. My work gets me closer to the community whose young ones our programs give tools to help their empowerment process along. It’s so exciting scouting through the Ghanaian local communities. I thought scouting schools for our Public Help […]

My adventure to meet the PHC schools and their communities.. Part 1

One of the most exiting days for me so far. Yesterday, with Huda, we started a new phase in the implementation of the Public Health Club programs. We went to the schools that Isaac had visited the week before and had our first contact with the staff, the students, and the communities around them. Three […]