Courtesy for boys and girls. (Nima Community)

2nd July, 2014.


Fellows present : Joseph, Sherifa, Godwin and Selasi.

Guest speaker : Aunty Sarah-Lynn Mansaray


Number of participants: 24 ( 13boys and 11 girls )





Fellows got to the school at 2:50pm and went to see the headmaster to get a replacement for the patron who had left the school. The headmaster asked the fellows to come during school hours so he would introduce the new patron to us. Aunty Sarah and Huda arrived at 3pm and went to see the headmaster whilst the fellows were in the class with the participants.


Aunty Sarah started her speech at exactly 3:10pm. The first point she raised was sanitation in the school. The participants mentioned that their seniors were responsible for keeping the school tidied up.  Aunty Sarah asked the participants whether they knew why she was there to speak to them but none of the participants was able to give her an answer.



The class was asked who the most important person in their lives were. Khadijah mentioned her parents. Aunty Sarah told the class that, “Life is a continuing cycle” and added on that, “Life is what you make it. It is very important to treat people as you will like them to treat you”. Cecilia added that, ”The only commandment with a promise in the Bible is Exodus 20:12 which talks about children respecting parents.” when the class was asked to mention the most important command made by Jesus Christ.

During Aunty Sarah’s speech she mentioned three things


Presentation of one’s self.



Team work

Selasi was so happy when she mentioned team work. She said, “Even two people can be a team, everything in life is about team effort and teamwork starts from home.”

Vida was the only participant who asked two questions, one about the meaning of courtesy, Aunty Sarah asked her to look into the dictionary for the definition and Vida did. Her second questions was, “What if I am friends with a person from the opposite sex and people think we are dating?” Aunty Sarah answered by saying “People’s thoughts should not affect our lives when a person knows they are doing the right thing.”

At the end of the talk we played icebreakers with Aunty Sarah.


4:10pm with Vida Sappor saying the closing prayer.

No challenges were faced on this day

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