Saints rehearse. (Osu community)

2nd July, 2014

Fellows present

  • Michael

  • Jerome


ST.BCAT participant number: 31



Jerome arrived at the school premises at 2:50 pm and waited until school closed and organized participants. He gave out a paper to participants and asked them to write their names and the activities they would like to be involved in during the VOICES Annual Festival. After participants had filled in the paper and the agenda for the day was about to commence, fellow Michael arrived. At 3:15 pm the school’s drum was played for the closing assembly. Participants on Wednesday’s duty roaster for sweeping the classroom were asked to speed up so as meeting can start on time. Fellows then proceeded to meet the patron and announce their arrival. Mrs. Betty the patron,  recommended measures that can help control the meeting with regards to the printed reports she had read from our previous meetings.



Project implementation: Day 1



  • Pick and Act

  • Talent Show (Dancing,Songs, Freestyling eg.rap etc…)



Michael welcomed the participants and spoke to them about the behaviour towards the meetings and what the patron advised. After, Michael asked participants to come up with their own ground rules and suggest punishments to anyone who falls victim to these rules.


As the ground rules and punishment suggestions continued some participants failed to live up to the rules and fell victims to the punishment assigned to the rules they disobeyed. Jerome asked participants to come up with another storyline for the play on the RIGHT TO PLAY. We started rehearsing with the two dance crews (Nobel Dancers and The Anointed Jewels). Nobel dancers started with seven members and danced to “Boys Kasa”. Later the Anointed Jewels also rehearsed to a song by Sonnie Badu titled “I win”.

Fellows encouraged the participants to practice more.



Meeting close at 4:40pm.


Skills observed

  • Tijani directed participants in the dance crew  during practice.

  • Elizabeth Obeng joined her mates after serving a punishment from one of her teachers.


Challenges Faced

  • The agenda for the day was not met.

  • Most of our time was wasted on the ground rules.

  • Some participants got bored since the agenda was wasted on setting up ground rules

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