Practice makes perfect. (Nima Community)

27th June, 2014


Number of participants: 21. Boys(13), Girls(9).

VOICES fellows present: Joseph, Godwin, Selasi and Sherifa.



  • Guest speaker. Talk on courtesy for boys and girls.



The agenda for the day changed because the guest speaker was not available. The fellows decided to use this day to rehearse for the upcoming VOICES festival. When participants arrived, Selasi took those who would be participating in the drama out to a different class for them to rehearse. Joseph also stayed with the choreographers in the class. Sherifa joined Selasi and also Godwin joined Joseph for the rehearsals. It was very interesting seeing everybody doing something.



4:35 pm.



  • The participants were involved in all we did.

  • Esinam was in school.

  • Awal was not good at dancing but he did well with it.

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