Actors and choreographers. (Nima Community)

4th July, 2014.


Fellows: Selasi , Godwin and Joseph.

Participants: 24. 11 girls and 14 boys.


Project implementation: Day 1



  • Pick and Act

  • Talent Show (Dancing,Songs, Freestyling eg.rap etc…)


Fellows should make sure this ties into the project work





Fellows arrived at the school at 2:55pm. School had closed before we got there and some of the participants had gone out of the but we called them back in.



CAT started at 3: 10pm.

The fellows divided the class into 2. The drama folk and choreographers. Joseph handled the choreography team and I was with drama team in a different class room.






Challenges  and way forward

Most of the participants are showing low interest in the drama. From their point of view, they believe the festival is just a party for them to go eat and dance. Selasi is hoping to find a simple way for them to appreciate what they will be doing on that day.

Meeting ended at 4.15pm.

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