Shelter is a right. (Jamestown community)

20th June, 2014


Fellow Augustus got to the school at about 2:05pm to meet other fellows Zainab and Desmond. We went to exchange pleasantries with patrons. Class was still in session, so we took  advantage of the time and discussed the day’s activity.

Fellows and Roles

Augustus – Facilitator

Zainab – Facilitator

Desmond – Photos/ video coverage

Participants present were 28, 16 boys and twelve 12 girls.

Agenda: Project Implementation 1

  • Participants should work towards their project outline and narrow down what they are going to do about the issue selected and who will be doing what exactly in this project.


Ruth Ansah Debrah prayed to commence the meeting at 3:00pm.

Interactive Games

Fellow Zainab took participants through a couple of icebreakers namely, “ 2, 4, 6, 1, 1” and “change your style”.

A Guide to an Action Activity

Augustus informed participants about the Activity for the day, “Right to shelter” as their project topic and the upcoming VOICES Festival. He also encouraged each and every participant to take part in the various activities for the project since it will be a competition with other CAT schools.

Zainab asked participants what they can do to to exhibit their talents and skills  centered on the right to shelter. Responses from participants were singing, dancing, poetry, art work, rapping and drumming. Based on their responses fellows grouped participants in the various activities according to what participants can do.

After that,  Zainab supervised the singing, poetry and the rapping group to come up with their own ideas for the project.

Augustus also supervised the drumming and art work groups to also put their ideas together.

Meanwhile, Desmond also supervised the drama and the dancing group.

Fellows served snacks to participants after all was done.


Meeting came to a close at 4:30pm with a collective prayer by all the participants.

Skills Observed

  • Participants demonstrated good teamwork.

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