Polishing up. (Jamestown community)

4th July, 2014.


All fellows were present at the Ayaloolo paradise by 3:00pm.


Fellows and roles:

Roger: facilitator

Augustus: facilitator

Zainab: facilitator

Desmond: pictures and videos


Action plan:

Fellows discussed the activity and final corrections that have to be made for the festival day.



Partcipants in the music and dance group, drama, poetry, rap, art work and singing groups rehearsed some more. Each group worked harder to improve their presentation for the final day with the theme ‘right to shelter’ as their main focus.



  • Participants are always willing to fill empty gaps where necessary.

  • Hasia has been able to overcome timidity and has offered to recite a poem on the final day.



ACAT meeting ended with a prayer by all at 5:35pm

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