Final preparations. (Jamestown community)

11th July, 2014


Augustus arrived at the school around 3:30pm to meet Zainab and Desmond, Roger  joined later.


Fellows and Roles

Augustus – Facilitator

Zainab – Facilitator

Roger – Facilitator

Desmond – Photos/ video coverage


Number of Participants: Twenty seven (27), out of which thirteen were boys (13) and fourteen (14) were girls.

Agenda: Implementation Day 2

  • Fellows continue to provide the participants with tools and guidance they need to work on the project implementation.



Mohammed Mumin said the “Lord’s prayer” to commence the meeting around 4:03pm.


A Guide to an Action Activity

Zainab encouraged participants to rehearse as the Festival day is approaching. Since our meeting was the final rehearsal, all the activity groups were invited to perform one after the other, what they had rehearsed for the past three weeks.

The first activity was the song by all the participants. This was followed by the dance group, poetry recital and drumming. The final display was the play.


Participants said a collective prayer to end the meeting at  5:30pm.


Skills Observed

  • Ruth Debrah Ansah, Mohammed Bello, Esther Dovlo, Thomas Bonjul and Hawa Iddrisu were very creative in their roles.

  • Francisca Aryee made significant contributions to the story of the playeven though she is part of the drama group.


Challenges and Way forward

  • The art work group did not exhibit their work because materials and tools were not available therefore fellows suggest that materials and tools should be provided before festival day.

  • One of the school’s desk was used in place of drum because there was no drum for the drummer to rehearse with therefore the sound wasn’t of good quality. So fellows recommend that a drum should be hired for the drummer.

Some participants did not show up to take their roles so their roles were given to others to avoid disappointment on the festival day.

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