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Testimonial from an International Volunteer

"Traveling to Ghana and volunteering for VOICES this summer was an amazing experience.  The young ‘spaceship’ kids of VOICES impressed me so much with their maturity, opinions, and charm.  The realities they face and the tough topics they discuss as a peer group made me realize why a program like VOICES is so essential in Ghana.  I will always remember one visit to the Montessori school, where the VOICES mentors were meeting with each class separately.  Walking by each room, I could see the impact of the program, transforming the kids from giggly primary six class to articulate junior high graduates.  The unbeatable passion of Ahmeda (VOICES Executive Director) for this organization, for health and wellness, and most of all, for facilitating the empowerment of these kids is simply contagious.  Sometimes volunteering can make people question if they’ve made an impact.  For me, it’s evident that Ahmeda and her mentors are changing the lives of this young kids in Ghana, and I am glad I was able to be a part of that transformation.  She is an inspiration for the kids and an inspiration for those who have always wanted to start their own NGO.  Africa is a special place unlike anywhere else I have visited, and I thank VOICES and Ahmeda for giving me such a memorable experience". 


Sandy Lee Wharton Business School WIVP Volunteer 2008