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Program Overview

At the VOICES Global Collective, we are passionate about Research! We believe that having the right knowledge is an essential part of community and individual transformation. Our in-house team dedicates some of our time focussing on specific research projects that are not only useful for our own programming but also we hope useful for others. We post some of our curated information on this page.

Curated List of Services for Immigrant and Refugee Youth in Toronto

This research project was conceived as an initiative to provide a comprehensive list of organizations in the downtown Toronto area that serve specifically the Refugee and immigrant population.

These services are categorized in 4 types based on their approach to the services they provide. Their theory of change are categorized either as punitive, empowering, diversion programming and restorative.

links are provided to their websites and services for your convenience. Please note that this is a curated list based on our own internal assessment and not at all representative of the full extent of services in the GTA.