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Program Overview

Our Institute provides specialized youth empowerment training programs that builds  ability to harnas, analyze and utilize information, skills and resources to achieve a positive impact on their personal, professional and community development.  The V(E)TI currently offers two Certificate programs for post-secondary school applicants. These are the   SELF Empowerment Certificate program and  the VOICES Community-based Fellowship program.  These programs can be taken consecutively as a 2 year program. Participants accepted to the program are fully funded with a sweat equity requirement that is negotiated on acceptance to the Institute. Successful graduates are placed in internships in consultation with their life coach, their program mentor and their vision statement.

Evaluation Matrix

 Participants in the first month of their programs are taught how to design personal action plans, logic models and monitoring and evaluation strategies for their own progress. In addition they are evaluated on their commitment to develop their capacities, their growth in self-directed learning and how effectively they have integrated into their practice the VOICES building blocks to leadership.

We award to our 3 most dedicated and transformed participant various levels of  scholarship to post secondary education. All graduates have access to a business incubator with technical expertise and access to our  network for mentoring as they develop an enterpreneurial idea and work towards bringing it to life.

Programs in Action

The Different Types of Curriculum

VOICES Community-based Fellowship Program

This fellowship finds its purpose in the dearth of high-potential opportunities for high school graduates who performed below average in the Matriculation Exam. Designed as a 13-month long Fellowship, a maximum of 13 young people from this demographic with a demonstrable passion for their community and an interest in personal growth are actively targeted and recruited.  Recruited from within our V4C-CAT team communities, they must be willing to commit a minimum of 15 hrs/ week and be interested in breaking the status-quo that seeks to define them as underachievers

The SELF Empowerment Certificate program

This is a certificate program delivered by the VTI. The SELF Empowerment Certificate is offered to young adults 18-28 yrs old who are in the early stages of their careers. The SELF- Empowerment Certificate focusses on developing  Self-assessment skills, Improving Efficacy, developing Leadership and Creating Future changemakers.  This program is designed to be experiential cultivating life-long skills necessary for self-development and success. It is anchored in the premise that one of the most effective ways of building capacity is by providing a forum for an individual to actively develop and hone their own talents and a set of transferable skills

“As a participant of the V.O.I.C.E.S Training Institute’s (VTI) activities, I have been able to identify my own mission and vision, write reports, and manage my community development projects. I have also gained knowledge on how to use diverse computer software applications. I have had real experience facilitating Community Action Team meetings, and helped kids to design their own projects. In effect, I haven’t just helped enhance the transferable skills of the club members, but also upgraded my own communication skills and leadership skills.”  -Martin Drah, 18 Years (VTI participant 2008/2009)