Who Are We

VOICES, Voices Of Inspired Children Engaging Society, Canada, is a child rights-based, youth-focused, empowerment- promoting a non-profit organization. Founded by Ahmeda Mansaray-Richardson, it shares the same core believes and identity as the VOICES Global collective.

What We Believe

At our core, we believe in the Bold idea that young people are capable of making a positive impact on their world TODAY. This belief is integral to all we do. It is a starting point for all our partnerships and projects. It is the sum total of all we have and seek to achieve.

In addition, we believe strongly that young people all over the world have a lot to learn from each other. By emphasising the interconnected nature of all people, all actions and all things, VOICES Canada believes, young people globally can work together to contribute positively to transforming the global challenges that affect us all.

Our Mission

The mission of VOICES Canada is two-fold:

(a) To develop and promote public health in developing nations by initiating and nurturing global partnerships that are educational and dynamic in nature with an emphasis on multidirectional knowledge translation

(b) To fundraise for scholarships to students wishing to study public health and global health through international placements, internships and short-term projects. Scholarships for students attending developing country universities are also provided.




Though officially incorporated in December 2005, VOICES Canada finally completed the processses necessary to recieve its Canadian charitable status in October 2012. Incorporated initially under the name of Voices of the Voiceless International Health Organization, VOICES Canada  successfully changed its name at the beginning of 2013. In addition, On October 4th 2012, our application for charitable status was approved by Revenue Canada, making us finally registered as a Charitable organization able to issue tax reciept for all donations.

2013-2015 Strategic Objectives

VOICES Canada is in the pilot stages of seeking and establishing partnerships with community service organization and public schools in Canada. The goal is to pilot the V4C:CAT teams Program based on the VOICES empowerment model  in at least 2 schools in Toronto, Ontario in 2014. These programs will be implemented with a very intentional goal of developing and sustaining partnerships between Ghanaian and Canadian young people.

In addition, VOICES Canada is developing the blue-print  for the VOICES Canada Training Institute envisioned for launch in September 2015. This Global Learning Center will deliver modules on developing skills for social change not only to Canadian young people but via satellite technology and web-based fora, to young people globally.

Finally, VOICES Canada will launch in June 2015, a 5 year fundraising campaign to fund scholarships for young people wishing to intern at any of the VOICES Country offices and or undertake post secondary education in a developing country to study global health.


VOICES Canada Team

VOICES Canada Operations Team

  • Ms. Ahmeda Mansaray-Richardson, Programs Development Coordinator
  • Ms. Kukuwuah Graham, Programs Adminstrator
  • Ms. Samkelo Luthuli, Volunteer Marketing Strategist and Brand Developer
  • Mr. David Beer- Organizational Development Volunteer Consultant
  • Drache Apotwitzer LLP- Legal Team
  • KL Chartered Accountants - Accounting Firm


VOICES Canada Board of Directors

  • Ms. Ahmeda Mansaray-Richardson- Founder, Chair
  • Mr. Donald Njlessani, Secretary
  • Ms. Charmaine Pattinson
  • Mr Jeddiah Richardson