Final preparations. (Jamestown community)

11th July, 2014 Arrival Augustus arrived at the school around 3:30pm to meet Zainab and Desmond, Roger  joined later.   Fellows and Roles Augustus – Facilitator Zainab – Facilitator Roger – Facilitator Desmond – Photos/ video coverage   Number of Participants: Twenty seven (27), out of which thirteen were boys (13) and fourteen (14) were […]

Polishing up. (Jamestown community)

4th July, 2014. Arrival: All fellows were present at the Ayaloolo paradise by 3:00pm.   Fellows and roles: Roger: facilitator Augustus: facilitator Zainab: facilitator Desmond: pictures and videos   Action plan: Fellows discussed the activity and final corrections that have to be made for the festival day.   Activity: Partcipants in the music and dance […]

Jamestown prep. (Jamestown community)

27th June, 2014 Arrival Desmond, Augustus and I arrived around 3:00 pm for ACAT meeting. Fellows and roles Desmond- Video and pictures/ facilitating Augustus- facilitating Zainab- facilitating   Action plan Fellows had a short discussion on the activity for the day. This was brainstorming on how best we can help participants to produce the best […]

Shelter is a right. (Jamestown community)

20th June, 2014 Arrival Fellow Augustus got to the school at about 2:05pm to meet other fellows Zainab and Desmond. We went to exchange pleasantries with patrons. Class was still in session, so we took  advantage of the time and discussed the day’s activity. Fellows and Roles Augustus – Facilitator Zainab – Facilitator Desmond – […]

All work and no play… (Jamestown Community)

June 13, 2014 Fellows arrived at the school at 2:15pm. Huda came later, followed by Roger. ACAT meeting started around 2:30pm. FELLOWS/ ROLES Desmond: Picture and video coverage Zainab: Facilitator Augustus: Facilitator Charles: Facilitator Huda: Facilitator Roger: Facilitator   ATTENDANCE: Fifteen boys and fifteen girls participated at ACAT this week.   AGENDA:   SPORTS DAY […]

A healthy argument about rights. (Jamestown Community)

June 6th, 2014 Arrival Desmond,Augustus,Charles,Roger and Jerome arrived at the school to help organise the participants for the days activities.   Fellows Present Roger Charles Augustus Desmond Jerome   Agenda Debate Day: Based on the issues written about in the Week 2, the 4 groups  must be prepared to debate and argue for their chosen […]

Rights, talents and skills. (Jamestown Community)

May 30th, 2014 Arrival Fellow Augustus arrived at the school at about 1:52pm and went to the head-teacher and the patrons to announce his presence. Fellows Roger and Desmond joined later.   Fellows and Roles Augustus – Facilitator Roger – Facilitator Desmond – Photos/ video coverage   Number of participants Eighteen (18) participants attended meeting […]

New term, new name. (Jamestown Community)

May 23rd, 2014 Arrival APHC fellows arrived at 1:30pm. Desmond and Augustus helped to organize the participants settle down.   Agenda VACATION CHAT How was your vacation? What did you do? Introduction to New Name. PARTY FOR NAME CHANGE.   Fellows Present Desmond Augustus   How was your Vacation? Augustus called all the participants one […]

Anansesem. (Jamestown Community)

21st March, 2014 Agenda Sharing of story book entitled “Anansesem” to participants. Reading of “Anansesem” by Zainab and all participants Fellows present: Desmond Charles Roger Augustus Zainab PHC meeting The meeting started at 2:30pm with all participants seated. Total number of participants present was 26 consisting of 13 boys 13 girls.   The books were […]

Peer to peer education. (Jamestown Community)

21st February 2014 Arrival All fellows; Charles,Roger,Augustus,Zainab and Desmond arrived at the school at 2:03pm.   Fellows Present and Roles Played. Desmond (Camera Operator) Zainab ( Facilitator) Augustus (Facilitator) Charles (Facilitator) Roger (Facilitator)   Days Agenda. I know my (MDGs) in the community. With emphasis on health care, water, food or environment. Embark on a […]