Jamestown prep. (Jamestown community)

27th June, 2014


Desmond, Augustus and I arrived around 3:00 pm for ACAT meeting.

Fellows and roles

Desmond- Video and pictures/ facilitating

Augustus- facilitating

Zainab- facilitating


Action plan

Fellows had a short discussion on the activity for the day. This was brainstorming on how best we can help participants to produce the best representation of their theme ‘right to shelter’ on the Voices festival day.



ACAT meeting started with 35 participants. Participants joined their various group to rehearse for the upcoming festival as fellows guided participants. Activities for the festival include drama, singing and dancing, rap, poetry, drumming and art work, all of which are centered around the right to shelter.


Observation and Suggestions

  • Almost every participant present was willing to be involved in one activity or the other. This attitude boosts our willingness to put all our hearts into making the Ayaloolo team give out the best.

  • Some participant were not punctual for rehearsal, therefore, alternative participants have been put in place to avoid disappointment on the festival day.

  • There has been a prolonged duration for ACAT meeting due to the extra classes for participant and the time consuming rehearsals.

  • As the time for the event draws closer, I suggest that we are given some funds to purchase a few items the participants may need for proper presentation on that day.



We shared a collective closing prayer at 5:35pm.

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