A Rehearsal. (Nima Community)

 20th June, 2014  Number of participants: 21. Boys(12), Girls(9). VOICES fellows present: Joseph, Godwin, Selasi, Emefa and Sherifa.   AGENDA This week is an intense week of research and working towards finalizing their project outline and narrowing down what they are going to do about the issue and who will be doing what exactly in […]

Saint's games. (Osu Community)

June 18th, 2014 Voices team present Michael Jerome Huda   INTRODUCTION Michael and Jerome arrived at the school at 3:00pm and announced their presence to the headmistress and the patron. They briefed the patron on how far the “sanitation project” had gone. The participants waited outside for about 5 minutes as Michael Amankwa swept the […]

Preparations for a festival. (Nima Community)

June 13th, 2014 Number of participants: 24 participants ( 14 boys and 11 girls ) Fellows present:Joseph, Sherifa, Godwin, Selasi and Emefa. Agenda: SPORTS DAY The sports day should be used as a tool to aid the CAT team members to prepare for their projects. Sack racing. Lime and spoon Showrace Racing(Running)   Introduction All fellows got to the school […]

All work and no play… (Jamestown Community)

June 13, 2014 Fellows arrived at the school at 2:15pm. Huda came later, followed by Roger. ACAT meeting started around 2:30pm. FELLOWS/ ROLES Desmond: Picture and video coverage Zainab: Facilitator Augustus: Facilitator Charles: Facilitator Huda: Facilitator Roger: Facilitator   ATTENDANCE: Fifteen boys and fifteen girls participated at ACAT this week.   AGENDA:   SPORTS DAY […]

Debate On Rights. (Osu Community)

June 11th, 2014 Voices team present Michael Jerome Desmond   ST.BCAT participant number: 34(12 boys and 22 girls)   INTRODUCTION All three facilitators arrived at the premises of St.Barnabas Anglican J.H.S school at 12: pm. On our arrival, we saw a bus entering the school with most of our participants sitting in. After getting off […]

A healthy argument about rights. (Jamestown Community)

June 6th, 2014 Arrival Desmond,Augustus,Charles,Roger and Jerome arrived at the school to help organise the participants for the days activities.   Fellows Present Roger Charles Augustus Desmond Jerome   Agenda Debate Day: Based on the issues written about in the Week 2, the 4 groups  must be prepared to debate and argue for their chosen […]

Super strikers win. (Nima Community)

June 6th, 2014 ARRIVAL Sherifa got to the school at 2:15pm with Godwin, Selasi, Joseph. The guest, Huda Sangari was already at the school.   No. Of Participants: 22(10 girls/12 boys)   AGENDA: Debate Day   INTRODUCTION Selasi, the facilitator for the day addressed the class and introduced Huda. As it was the debate day, […]

Planning a debate. (Osu Community)

June 3rd, 2014 Voices team present Michael Jerome Huda Desmond   ST.BCAT participant number: 34(12 boys and 22 girls)   INTRODUCTION   Jerome and Michael arrived at the school at 2:50pm and met the headmistress to exchange greetings. Some participants were dressed for sports. Some participants had been chosen from their class to represent the school […]

Skill and talent. (Nima Community)

May 30th, 2014 Fellows Present: Sherifa, Selasi, Joseph and Godwin. 19 participants ( 9 girls and 10 boys ) Agenda: Project Topic Selection Fellows should break up the CAT team members into a maximum of 4 groups. Each group will work on the following tasks.   Discuss and write down their top 3 child rights […]

Rights, talents and skills. (Jamestown Community)

May 30th, 2014 Arrival Fellow Augustus arrived at the school at about 1:52pm and went to the head-teacher and the patrons to announce his presence. Fellows Roger and Desmond joined later.   Fellows and Roles Augustus – Facilitator Roger – Facilitator Desmond – Photos/ video coverage   Number of participants Eighteen (18) participants attended meeting […]